Waking Amy

Waking Amy Game Review Part 3


I really liked the music of the game, especially on scenes that are sad. It really matched the mood well. What I really appreciated though was that the characters are fully voiced! I like how they are really going all out on this game.


As mentioned earlier, the game’s story revolves around a girl named Amy. Now, Amy is the type of girl that lives in her own little world, totally absorbed by her vivid imagination. One day, she got into an accident which caused her to be in a coma which is where Amy’s adventure will begin. Her ability to conjure up such imaginations may well be the only thing that can wake her up from her coma. The doctor that she’s assigned to, Dr. Clops; created a device that enables her mom and the doctor to communicate with her subconsciousness while in a coma. From there, Amy must go through her memories and dreams, defeating creatures and solving puzzles that her dream throws at her. Supposedly during the trials, the device helped wake many patients. I guess you talk through the intercom and feed the patient’s memories from there. However, at the end of the demo, the cutscene revealed something interesting dundundun

The machine that links the outside world to Amy’s subconscious mind


The game has really smooth controls. Maybe too smooth because many times I ended up running too fast and proceeded to fall into my doom as I tried to jump towards the next platform but the gap between the platforms were not that big (whew, that was a mouthful!). This resulted with me either over jumping the platform, or I turn the opposite way last minute to cut down the distance of my jump. Both ways kept getting me killed though. Maybe if they lower the speed down a little so we have more control in terms of jumping and have the control key set up in a way where double tapping the left or right directional keys will make the character sprint. I was told however, that they do plan on tweaking the controls before I even asked them about it.  This personally made me happy because it showed me how aware they are of their game. Which is a good thing for the improvement of any game.

I am a ninja!

Thanks to me constantly falling, I discovered We can ninja wall climb!

I am a ninja!

Waking Amy Game Review Part 2

Responsive Puzzles That Also Demands Fast Reflexes

Responsive Aspect: I will start with how some of the puzzles are responsive. An example for this aspect was when I had to go through these two puffer fishes. When I had Amy  near them, they stopped moving and puffed up their spikes. So I had to approach them where they are positioned on the right spot so that I could jump over them. Otherwise, hastily approaching them without thinking of where they are positioned will make them stop, puff up, and basically pin you in between them and hurt you.

Fast Reflex Aspect: you are gonna need fast reflexes with this game for some of the puzzles like the raining log one (the one on the picture below). That also means you are going to end up using that ninja wall climb skI wills a lot of puzzles such as that one. Not only that, you have to make fast decisions where to jump onto next. it is not as straightforward as other puzzle games. I really like this aspect because I tend to blaze through puzzles. Just got to be careful not to over jump, which I did so many infuriating times!

Rain Logs are falling on my head *sings*

I actually got stuck at this one spot where the next platform was nowhere in sight, but when you bravely Geronimo ahead, there is actually a platform all the way the other side. Im basically only on the first level then too grr. After many deaths, I figured out that I shouldn’t be aiming at the platform I saw when I jumped forward, I should have let myself fall and land directly below. I was rewarded with pirate starfishes trying to shank me. Still, I really like how the game actually gives you a sense of uncertainty in terms of proceeding through the puzzles.


The game sports active combat where you have to time your enemies attacks, dodge, and counter. Amy also has the ability to physically transform whenever she meets certain monsters/creatures in her subconsciousness. Her transformation seems to come with new skills as well.

First Transformation! Jelly Amy~

Final Verdict

As I mentioned, I am the type of person that usually blazes through puzzles so I like it when a game actually gets me to pause. Even if I get frustrated from dying so much, or the many times I was forced to sacrifice my poor character just so I can see how I can solve the puzzle I am stuck at, I really enjoyed myself at the same time. Personally, I feel like Waking Amy can offer us many things that is why I hope you guys and gals can help the developers with their crowdfunding. I feel like this game not only has potential but it also has heart, I personally can’t wait until I see the developers implement more things.

Developers Background:

The developers are a group of four friends who met during an internship at UCF in a simulation lab called IST. they have actually been making games for a while but Waking Amy will be their first attempt at selling a online games they have developed (how exciting!), they previously sold an iphone game called, Save The World 3D. they are actually about to graduate, but because their families are having some financial struggles, they are hoping this game will enable them to help their families out.

Waking Amy Game Review

Waking Amy Game Review

If you enjoy puzzle games, you are going to like this. Waking Amy is a platform puzzle/combat hybrid that takes you inside the imaginative mind of Amy, a young girl who is suffering from a coma. With a unique concept and challenging, yet sometimes infuriating puzzles; this game really deserves to be fully funded.

Waking Amy

A Combat/Platform Hybrid Puzzle Game

Developed by: Martian Media Inc.

Waking Amy

Show of gratitude: I want to thank one of the developers for giving me the opportunity to try out this game by giving me an exclusive demo, as well as choosing this small fish to help with your crowdfunding. Oh and for letting me barrage you with questions.

What got me interested: I was actually found on one of the forums I usually hang around in by one of the developers. He contacted me and asked if I can check out their game but I was not able to do so until today due to school then being out of town. The first thing I noticed was the premise of the game. I thought it was a pretty unique and interesting concept! In addition to that, they also tried to combine an active battle system with a traditional puzzle platform genre. They got me hooked from there.

Concerning the demo: Right now the demo is media exclusive, but it is been confirmed that a public demo is planned to be released.

First Impression and Gameplay

This guy tried to throw boulders at me. Hmph!

Well, this game did achieve to infuriate me since I died many times. However, I found the game really refreshing and even ended up being fond of lil Amy. As I said, the concept enticed me, but as I went through the levels and saw glimpses of Amy’s memories, I guess it gave her a sense of character depth. What I mean is that she’s not just a character that you get to control through puzzles and enemies. The game shows you that at the end of the day, shes still a little girl with a vivid and wonderful imagination. Personally, in that sense, I can relate to Amy. I am pretty sure others will do so as well.


The game uses a 2.5D side-scrolling style much like some of the popular games back in the PS1 era. Now, visually, the first thing I noticed was that some of the animations were a little stiff, mostly the enemy monsters though. The characters and enemies also looked pretty bare boned at the moment in terms of texture. However, this is understandable since it is still in early development. Comparing the old pictures of the game from what I have played so far, I can see they have made progress in that area. The developer they have in contact with did confirm that this isn’t how the end product of the game will look like. When the demo is released for public, I hope you guys will not base your judgement on the aesthetic part of the game. So expect the models texture to be more refined later on.

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend (allegedly). But dayuum they be huge!