Project Zomboid Review Part 2


(Many of the items on the list would be implemented on the RC3 update)

  • There’s not much things to craft right now. Well not as much as other sandbox games. Your main focus at the moment is to scavenge and survive.
  • There will be character and skill customizations
  • There will be sandbox options (they created this because people would complain about more zombies, while the other half complained about less zombie)
  • There will be modding tools
  • Interact with survivors that can join you, trade with, go rambo with on missions, or fight alongside with to survive
  • Emotional, physical, and mental well being of the character can give him/her serious negative effects simulating real life scenarios.
  • Co-op
  • The amount of time you don’t croak will change the world. Events occur such as failing power plants, army people walking down the streets, etc.
  • Awesome soundtrack to set you in the mood
  • There’s more to come so stay tuned! I will update when more is published.

Final Verdict

This game rated high on Desura, 9.5! I truly think it deserves the rating, but more so when they finally release the RC3 updates and make the game more stable. The game itself is only $7.99 and worth every penny. I was really really pleasantly surprised by it. I also give props to the developers for fighting through all the obstacles they had to face during this project. I truly admire that and it shows in the game. They want to make a game that sets itself apart from other games and it does. The fact that they really tried to simulate humanity at the brink of extinction through stories, event twists and surprises, and the emotional/physical/mental effects your character get and how they get it, I think sets them apart. As others have mentioned, I would wait til RC3 comes out prior to purchasing the game, however, if you really can’t wait, try playing the demo =)

If you guys purchase, if you can, even just comments, show some love to the developers.

Waking Amy Game Review Part 2

Responsive Puzzles That Also Demands Fast Reflexes

Responsive Aspect: I will start with how some of the puzzles are responsive. An example for this aspect was when I had to go through these two puffer fishes. When I had Amy  near them, they stopped moving and puffed up their spikes. So I had to approach them where they are positioned on the right spot so that I could jump over them. Otherwise, hastily approaching them without thinking of where they are positioned will make them stop, puff up, and basically pin you in between them and hurt you.

Fast Reflex Aspect: you are gonna need fast reflexes with this game for some of the puzzles like the raining log one (the one on the picture below). That also means you are going to end up using that ninja wall climb skI wills a lot of puzzles such as that one. Not only that, you have to make fast decisions where to jump onto next. it is not as straightforward as other puzzle games. I really like this aspect because I tend to blaze through puzzles. Just got to be careful not to over jump, which I did so many infuriating times!

Rain Logs are falling on my head *sings*

I actually got stuck at this one spot where the next platform was nowhere in sight, but when you bravely Geronimo ahead, there is actually a platform all the way the other side. Im basically only on the first level then too grr. After many deaths, I figured out that I shouldn’t be aiming at the platform I saw when I jumped forward, I should have let myself fall and land directly below. I was rewarded with pirate starfishes trying to shank me. Still, I really like how the game actually gives you a sense of uncertainty in terms of proceeding through the puzzles.


The game sports active combat where you have to time your enemies attacks, dodge, and counter. Amy also has the ability to physically transform whenever she meets certain monsters/creatures in her subconsciousness. Her transformation seems to come with new skills as well.

First Transformation! Jelly Amy~

Final Verdict

As I mentioned, I am the type of person that usually blazes through puzzles so I like it when a game actually gets me to pause. Even if I get frustrated from dying so much, or the many times I was forced to sacrifice my poor character just so I can see how I can solve the puzzle I am stuck at, I really enjoyed myself at the same time. Personally, I feel like Waking Amy can offer us many things that is why I hope you guys and gals can help the developers with their crowdfunding. I feel like this game not only has potential but it also has heart, I personally can’t wait until I see the developers implement more things.

Developers Background:

The developers are a group of four friends who met during an internship at UCF in a simulation lab called IST. they have actually been making games for a while but Waking Amy will be their first attempt at selling a online games they have developed (how exciting!), they previously sold an iphone game called, Save The World 3D. they are actually about to graduate, but because their families are having some financial struggles, they are hoping this game will enable them to help their families out.