Project Zomboid Review Part 3

Developers Woes and Perseverance

(Just wanted to give the developers a deserved shoutout for pushing through with the game)

I’m actually a member of the Indie Stone forums, and I asked about the google and paypal problem they had that I’ve read while researching the game. Now, for those who don’t know, paypal was being a brat and froze their account that was taking donations. If that wasn’t stressful enough, when they changed to google checkout, well things got uuuuuugly. First, 80% of the donators were using the google checkout option, fine and dandy right? Wrong. Next thing they know, they get a mail from google telling them to get rid of the google checkout option. From what I read, it seems like google wasn’t happy with their use of the word, donations but google didn’t know it didn’t like that before they created the option. So what happened to the money? you guys guessed it, even after the angry letter they sent to google, they got an automated response back that doesn’t really answer anything which basically meant google nomnomnom their money. 80% of it. Ouch.

But wait! there’s more! they had to take down the alpha at one point because the pirates had invaded them. The distribution method they were using were cloud-based. This meant that every time someone purchased their game, they have to pay money. Now, usually pirated games are torrented, so they don’t end up consequently paying anything. However, this pirated copies had an auto-updater, which meant that when a person fires up the game and the game patches, the cloud gets used and they end up paying for it.

Now, those two events ended up setting them back by a lot. There’s still more though =(

They got robbed. That’s right, someone/someone’s, went and stole the laptops where everything they had was stored, as well as one of the developers credit card. The tragic part was that they were almost done with I believe was 0.1.5d 🙁

Because of all that major setbacks, I was told people started lashing out and getting mean as the developers tirelessly try to please them, releasing patches as fast as they could. The problem though was that those rushed updates were unstable and buggy. Because they were busy, they also ended up not updating their blog a while which infuriated people, so now they do a weekly update.

You gotta give them credit though, they’re still tirelessly working on their game where many would have given up. They wanted to push this through and kept on fighting. I’m personally glad because this is a great game.

Beginners Tips

  • To equip hammer or any weapon, click and drag the weapon from your item bag into the circle above the item icon
  • You can chop down doors to get wood and possible door hinges by equipping a hammer/bat and hitting the doors until the HP hits 0
  • You can use the belt as a tourniquet
  • You open the can of soup by crafting a can opener, a cooking pot and the can
  • To use the equipment, press ctrl+click while pointing the mouse to the direction of where you want to hit
  • To heal, click on the heart, hover over the body parts to see which needs healing, then drag and click the items to those body parts like so:
  • At the moments pencil do not have any uses so try to store them somewhere when you acquire them.
  • To use the barricade, equip your hammer, click and drag the wood panels onto the windows/doors like so.

Waking Amy Game Review Part 3


I really liked the music of the game, especially on scenes that are sad. It really matched the mood well. What I really appreciated though was that the characters are fully voiced! I like how they are really going all out on this game.


As mentioned earlier, the game’s story revolves around a girl named Amy. Now, Amy is the type of girl that lives in her own little world, totally absorbed by her vivid imagination. One day, she got into an accident which caused her to be in a coma which is where Amy’s adventure will begin. Her ability to conjure up such imaginations may well be the only thing that can wake her up from her coma. The doctor that she’s assigned to, Dr. Clops; created a device that enables her mom and the doctor to communicate with her subconsciousness while in a coma. From there, Amy must go through her memories and dreams, defeating creatures and solving puzzles that her dream throws at her. Supposedly during the trials, the device helped wake many patients. I guess you talk through the intercom and feed the patient’s memories from there. However, at the end of the demo, the cutscene revealed something interesting dundundun

The machine that links the outside world to Amy’s subconscious mind


The game has really smooth controls. Maybe too smooth because many times I ended up running too fast and proceeded to fall into my doom as I tried to jump towards the next platform but the gap between the platforms were not that big (whew, that was a mouthful!). This resulted with me either over jumping the platform, or I turn the opposite way last minute to cut down the distance of my jump. Both ways kept getting me killed though. Maybe if they lower the speed down a little so we have more control in terms of jumping and have the control key set up in a way where double tapping the left or right directional keys will make the character sprint. I was told however, that they do plan on tweaking the controls before I even asked them about it.  This personally made me happy because it showed me how aware they are of their game. Which is a good thing for the improvement of any game.

I am a ninja!

Thanks to me constantly falling, I discovered We can ninja wall climb!

I am a ninja!