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Project Zomboid Review Part 3

Developers Woes and Perseverance (Just wanted to give the developers a deserved shoutout for pushing through with the game) I’m

Project Zomboid Review Part 2

Content (Many of the items on the list would be implemented on the RC3 update) There’s not much things to

Project Zomboid Review

The good thing though was that this game is fun, I did not mind running around, trying to learn things

Waking Amy Game Review Part 3

Music/Audio I really liked the music of the game, especially on scenes that are sad. It really matched the mood

Waking Amy Game Review Part 2

Responsive Puzzles That Also Demands Fast Reflexes Responsive Aspect: I will start with how some of the puzzles are responsive.

Waking Amy Game Review

If you enjoy puzzle games, you are going to like this. Waking Amy is a platform puzzle/combat hybrid that takes